Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Dragon

On the islands of Komodo,
Twixt Java and Timor,
Deer and men both tremble
When they hear the Dragon’s roar.

No wings grace Her pebbly back,
Nor does She mount the sky,
But slowly walks across the ground
Head swinging side to side.

Her forked tongue flicks yellow bright
And tastes the balmy air.
The wild water buffalo sooner flees
Than face Her baleful stare.

Hooves slip silent cross the stones
And once-proud heads held low
When antlered stag or horned goat
Comes thirsting to water’s flow.

With staccato thunder of Her feet,
Strikes the land crocodile.
Pestilence drips off dagger teeth
Gleaming in Her smile.

When the stars alight like burning ice
Komodo’s dread Mistress tires;
She rests Her head on golden sand
And dreams of breathing fire.

copyright (c) Daniel J. Bishop 2011

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